series I: 2004-2007

during the years 2004-2007 Ralph Tepel made the first series of „the faces of constitutional law“. some call it the „basic law for the federal republic of Germany“. It was approved on May 8th 1949. he made the first series for the 60th anniversary of the Parliamentary Council assembled at the Museum König, Bonn. The series contains sketches, paintings, silk screen printings and digital artworks.

„Fundamental rights (German: Grundrechte) are guaranteed in Germany by the Federal Constitution and in some state constitutions.[1] In the Basic Law, most fundamental rights are guaranteed in the first section of the same name (Articles 1 to 19). They are subjective public rights with constitutional rank which bind all authorities of the state.[2] In case of a violation of the fundamental rights and the legal protection to be granted by the courts fails, the Basic Law provides with the constitutional complaint an extraordinary appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court (Article 93 paragraphs 1 No. 4a Basic Law).

According to this regulation the Federal Constitutional Court can be called not only because of a violation of fundamental rights, but also by violation „of the rights set out in Article 20 paragraph 4 and Articles 33, 38, 101, 103 and 104“.[3] Hence, these rights are called the rights identical to fundamental rights“ 
(source: Wikipedia)